Enterprise Manager and Linux–Comparing Targets

One of the cool things that Oracle Linux support gets you, is access to Oracle Enterprise Manager 13 to manage your Linux systems. You can use EM for lots of things, like patching systems, monitoring systems, provisioning systems and more. Continue reading

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.3

For a while people have been asking me, what’s going on with OEM? All your talking about these days is Oracle Management Cloud and it’s machine learning abilities. Even at conferences and client sites, I am being asked at every Continue reading

How to get to Solaris 10 Patches post Premier Support

Solaris 10 was originally launched in January 2005, and over it’s lifespan has introduced a ton of ground breaking features, like the ZFS volume manager/filesystem, DTrace, Zones, Service Management Facility, Trusted Extensions and more. But eventually all good things must Continue reading

Installing an OS on an Oracle X7 Server

I often get asked why Oracle doesn’t include CDROM drives or old school VGA and PS2 ports on servers anymore. After all “Isn’t a CD and keyboard needed to install an OS?”. My answer to this, is unlike most commodity Continue reading