What happened to the Database Appliance Release 2.11?

I have been asked by several clients recently why Oracle missed an ODA release, they last saw 2.10 and have been actively looking for 2.11. They have not found 2.11.  Here is the dirty secret! There is no 2.11 release and there will NOT be a 2.11 release!

Give it a second to sink in… no 2.11 release!

But wait a second, there is a new the Database Appliance release available! 12.1.2 is now ready for download! Yes, those crafty Oracle product teams decided to reboot the naming standard for the ODA release, bringing the number in sync with the database release!

This new release also brings along an important change, support for Database 12c! We now have in-memory and pluggables on the ODA! We also get a few other goodies, like snapshots for BOTH VMs and Database, vdisks for our virtual machines and more. The official release notes are here; https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E22693_01/doc.12/e23730/toc.htm

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