OOW 2015 – Scheduled Sessions and DEMOs


It’s that time of year, Oracle Open World is here! This year I I have a very busy schedule! Not only am I presenting or assisting with several sessions, I also am showing off some Oracle technologies with live demonstrations at Moscone South!


First, the live DEMOs running at two locations!


At the Fujitsu Pavilion, there will be a live Openstack Deployment, showing how you can use OpenStack to provide both Infrastructure and Database as a service with Solaris!



Then at the Mythics location I will have two DEMOs available. One, highlighting the performance advantages that you get with SPARC servers, especially in the encryption space. Stop by and run some swing bench benchmarks your self and see how it performs!



The second DEMO shows how you can run DBaaS on and ODA with Enterprise Manager. This also shown how you can run EM12c fully contained within an ODA.



On top of these DEMOs, I also have several session. from RACATTACK! Hand on Lab, to several traditional presentations.




What: Database Cloud in a Box—DBaaS on Oracle Database Appliance [UGF10279]

When: Sunday, Oct 25, 10:00 a.m.

Where: Moscone South—254

Who: Erik Benner, Enterprise Architect,  Mythics, Inc & Wassim Kayrala,  Team Lead, Engineered Systems,  Mythics, Inc

Oracle Database Appliance is a powerful system and a great platform for consolidating databases. Oracle Enterprise Manager allows you to manage your data as a service. Combine these two technologies and you have an enterprise-class, private database cloud solution at a low entry cost point. This session demonstrates how Oracle Enterprise Manager allows you to rapidly provision and maintain your Oracle Database Appliance-based cloud solution, focusing on schema and pluggable databases. The cloud is more than just deploying the database, and this session shows how the cloud pack can be used to produce charge-back/show-back reports and identify what resources each database consumed. This session wraps up with a live demonstration of the technology.

What: RAC Attack!

When: Sunday, Oct 25, 10:00 a.m.

Where: Moscone South Lobby – OTN Lounge Theater

Who: RAC ATtack Ninjas!

As a system administrator, developer, or DBA this is the perfect workshop to start Oracle OpenWorld 2015 on user group Sunday. You get to install or test an Oracle Real Application Clusters (Oracle RAC) 12c cluster using Oracle VM VirtualBox on your laptop. Whether you have or haven’t worked with Oracle RAC 12c before, you will enjoy this hands-on experience performing installations or taking a jump-start to test features of your application against Oracle RAC 12c. You can ask for help at any point or discuss your experiences with Oracle RAC experts, ACEs, and ACE Directors. Note: Participants must use their own laptop with recommended specifications of any 64-bit OS that supports Oracle VM VirtualBox, 8 GB RAM, and 45 GB free HDD space. SSDs are recommended.




What: Innovation, Speed, Reliability: from Japanese Bullet Trains to the Fujitsu Cloud [ESS10816]


Goro Watanabe, EVP, Fujitsu America, Inc.

Erik Benner,  Enterprise Architect,  Mythics, Inc

When: Monday, Oct 26, 11:00 a.m.

Where: YBCA Theater

Bullet trains symbolize Japanese engineering, quality, and innovation with 50 years of service and billions of passengers transported with no critical accidents. Fujitsu embodies the engineering culture of Japan with 80 years of experience and customer trust. Fujitsu cloud computing and mission-critical Fujitsu M10 servers with Oracle software parallel the theme of real-time, on-time safety and security. Fujitsu continues to prove that a focus on quality is paramount to delivering technology that shapes our world. Attend this session to explore the glue that connects these together to provide the modern conveniences we take for granted.
Special promotion: Attend this session and enter for your chance to win a STYLISTIC Tablet, Color Scanner, Keyboard or US$100 AMEX card.


What: Faster and Cost-Effective—One Client’s Journey with Oracle Servers and Storage [CON5595]

When: Monday, Oct 26, 12:15 p.m.

Where: Intercontinental—Sutter (5th Floor)

Network, storage, servers, hypervisor, operating system, and database solutions from a single company not only decreases the capital expense, but also offers new efficiencies for the operations team. This session walks you through the decision-making process that the client went through as they evaluated their future direction for their IT Infrastructure. See highlights of the performance improvements achieved by utilizing the Oracle FS1-2 storage array. Learn how using the efficiencies of Oracle VM requires smaller servers and how much time was saved by having a single vendor to call to resolve a critical issue.



I have two sessions with the OTN Cloud Hour event, hosted at the OTN Lounge 

11:00 am PT – Session 1 – Erik Benner

Database backups and recovery via the Oracle Cloud

Learn how the Oracle cloud can be used to backup and recover databases using RMAN, the defacto standard for Oracle backups. Discuss how this solves the backup problem for both smaller IT organizations and larger Enterprises that use systems (like the ODA) that are deployed to remote locations.

11:30 am PT – Session 2 – Erik Benner

Disaster Recovery, no Server, no problem!

Looking for a disaster recovery solution that does not require the purchase of dedicated servers? In this session you will learn how you can leverage the Oracle Cloud to provide Disaster recovery options for your Oracle database AND application servers using a mix of DBaaS, IaaS or PaaS technologies



What: Database as a Service: What Is It and How Do You Use It? A Q&A with an Expert Panel [CON3637]

 Who: Gustavo Rene Antunez,  DBA Team Lead,  Pythian,Erik Benner,  Enterprise Architect,  Mythics, Inc, Charles Kim,  Chief Database Architect,  Viscosity North America, Steven Lemme,  WW Director Partner Enablement, Systems & Cloud Management,  Oracle, & Seth Miller,  Senior Database Administrator,  Symantec

When: Thursday, Oct 29, 9:30 a.m.

Where: Moscone South—102

What is the best method for delivering, setting up, and using database as a service (DBaaS) utilizing Oracle software, hardware, or the cloud? Within a company (private cloud) there are several ways, outside of a company (public cloud) there are additional ways, or you can use a combination of both. For IT, Oracle Database, and technology professionals, platform as a service (PaaS) and DBaaS are technologies you need to know about and use to stay current in your profession. Attend this session to learn about technology and deployment choices available using Oracle technology and solutions. Subject matter experts from Oracle OpenWorld and Collaborate answer your questions so you can architect, plan, and implement a successful DBaaS project.


Hope to see you out in San Francisco!

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