Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.3

For a while people have been asking me, what’s going on with OEM? All your talking about these days is Oracle Management Cloud and it’s machine learning abilities. Even at conferences and client sites, I am being asked at every turn about what is the future of OEM? I’ve been responding that yes, it has a future, and yes it plays nice with OMC doing some tasks better than OMC currently does, while OMC does other tasks significantly better than OEM.Development has not been stopped, and a new release is due soon.

Well, soon is finally here!  13.3 was JUST release over this holiday week.

The docs are here;

You can download here;

Here is a brief rundown of some of the more notable new features;

You can customize the login page with a logo. This is HUGE for many of my clients that need to readily identify Classified environments.

PCA clients can now monitor the Oracle Fabric Interconnect Switch, more details here;

Linux and OVM

  • The new Oracle Linux Home target will enable the user to access and perform complete management of Oracle Linux Hosts. This includes Bare Metal Provisioning (BMP), Host Patching, Ksplice Patching along with Host Administration and Management. The new features for Linux hosts are summarized for all the managed hosts on this target home page to enable simplicity of Oracle Linux Host management.

  • The Oracle Linux Home target adds support for Kernel and User space patching using Ksplice. It also provides information on Ksplice and effective Kernel Versions, Patches and Packages, and Compliance Status of the managed Oracle Linux Hosts.

  • Oracle Enterprise Manager now supports Oracle Linux Host Administration and Monitoring without the YaST dependency.

  • The Virtual Infrastructure Plug-in (13.3) works seamlessly with Oracle’s latest server virtualization product, Oracle VM Release 3.4.


Beginning with 13.3, the following enhancements have been made to Oracle DBass:

  • Database/Pluggable Database Onboarding on DBaaS Cloud for easy accessibility of existing DB instances from Self Service Portal.

  • Database/Pluggable Database relocation across cloud pools.

  • Database as a Service support for database 18c including support for relocation and clone refresh.

  • Container Database provisioning from Self Service Portal.

  • Pluggable Database Upgrade using Fleet Maintenance.


  • Request metrics based on all executed instances (sampled instances only): Prior to this release, Request metrics for example, count, allocation, and duration were calculated based on the data collected for the specific instances that were “caught” while taking a sample of the stuck. Starting with this release, the metrics are calculated based on all the instances that were executed since the previous sampling.

    Agent deployed through the Agent Deployment wizard (for WebLogic) can be selected to be deployed on cluster level, enabling dynamic targeting to future managed servers in this cluster.

  • emcli support (for JVM and JVM Pools):

    • Configure Heap/JFR Dump Directory

    • Enable/disable monitoring

    • Change log level

    • Enable/disable Byte Code Instrumentation

  • Improvements to DB requests data collection: Higher percentage of the SQL invocations will be captured.

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