Oracle VM 3.3.1 released! It’s HUGE!

Oracle VM 3.3.1 is now released. Several major improvements including;


  • A HUGE one for DBAs. Huge-pages support allows guests hosted on an x86 server pool to improve performance and reduce I/O that results in page lookups in a virtualized environment​
  • New  Oracle VM PV drivers for Windows, speeding up network and disk I/O signifigantly These also have  passed the Microsoft Windows Server Virtualization Validation Program (SVVP)requirements.
  • UEK3 based hypervisor kernel.
  • New virtual machine console uses HTML5 features to provide faster and more reliable console access.
  • Oracle VM Manager comes uses  MySQL Enterprise Edition for the database. This give admins automated database backups!
  • Improved SPARC virtualization management and availability:. Support for more storage types such as Fibre Channel, iSCSI, ZFS volume, and local disk, in addition to NFS, can now be directly assigned to virtual machines running in a SPARC server pool managed by Oracle VM Manager, offering customers more choices when choosing storage with Oracle VM Server for SPARC.

You can downlaod it here:

2 Replies to “Oracle VM 3.3.1 released! It’s HUGE!”

  1. I’m trying to set this up in a home lab, this is my first attempt and I’m not sure what I’m missing (traditionally a VMWare guy).

    I tried installing with a set hostname and IP, but that caused the install to crap out. Now I’ve got it installed and I have it set to pull DHCP (again homelab and my brother owns the router). It appears to not be getting an IP and I con’t figure out how to set a hostname or IP. On Xenserver it was simple, but with OVM, I can find very little assisting me in this.

    Supermicro X8DTi-F w/ 2 E5520 CPUs
    Plex Build with ZFS handling storage planned (in way over my head :])
    x6 = Samsung HD103UJ (data drives)
    x2 = OCZ ARC 100 120GB (planned raid 0) (write cache)
    x1= OCZ ARC 100 240GB (read cache)
    x1 = 8GB toshiba Transmemory usb 2.0 (OVM installed location)

    • You will need an ODA to deploy ODA software. Any VM deployment of the ODA code is not easy to do, and will not be covered here.

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