OTN Appreciation Day : OTN Community

I’ve joined in on Tim Hall’s (https://oracle-base.com) idea to celebrate the Oracle Technology Network, and write about their favorite feature.  While many people today are talking about the technologies that Oracle Technology Network supports, I decided to go a different path, as I’ve never been one to follow orders well…

So my take on #ThanksOTN is one feature that is not a product feature. This is the OTN Community web site; https://community.oracle.com  This is a great place for both experienced and new users to start to get a foot hold on ALL the different technologies that OTN supports, from Systems, to Applications and everything in between. It’s not just for DBAs, Java developers, Cloud users, BI admins, Business Analysts… all have content there that can help them!


It is the one place where you can ask a question about how to compile a new Linux kernel, or ask someone to help explain the difference between a cost type or source in EBS Supply Chain Management!

If you have not logged in there, take some time today to take a look, maybe you’ll find an answer to a problem, or even YOU might have an answer to someone else’s problem! It is a community of users, what you gain from it is up to you.

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