Oracle VM 3.4.1 released

Incase you missed the news, Oracle released Oracle VM 3.4.1 in the last week. This is a…major… release for Oracle with a few HUGE features being added, and some fairly significant performance features. I have had the opportunity to work with a prelease version for quite some time, and have found a few of these new abilities are really worth the upgrade time. Look for some more details about Oracle VM  in the near future from Oracle Press.

  • Oracle has added Storage Live migration to OVM! This uses an OCFS2 feature under the covers that will let you  perform live migrations of running virtual machines that have virtual disks on local storage.
  • SiteGuard for OVM – Enables OVM control of the DR process, from replication to going online, more info here
  • KSplice the DOM0, yup, you can ksplice dom0 to patch it. NOT REBOOT! While this is not totally new it is worth mentioning.
  • SNMP Monitoring of the OVS
  • FCoE support: Fiber Channel over Ethernet is now supported
  • FIPS 140-2 Validation- Enables FIPS-140 ( A common Federal standard) Encryption in the SSL communications
  • UEFI Support – You can now boot from UEFI
  • Performance: OVM was already fast, and the latest UEK kernel makes it A LOT FASTER
  • Automatic and CONFIGURABLE Database backups: 3.3 added automatic backups, 3.4 gives you some control
  • The ability to view the vm.cfg file from the GUI. This is great for advanced  admins.
  • Some updates to the GUI, the new context based help is a nice touch
  • and MORE!

As as always, Oracle VM is FREE! So you can download 3.4.1 now! For Free!

Oracle VM Downloads

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